Birchbox: Skinnydip X Squad Goals November 2015

Me again catching up. Novembers Birchbox confused me slightly... what would make someone go skinny dipping in November? its freezing out... I just didn't get the theme to November's box whether this had something do to with me not receiving a product card I don't know but I was just the tiniest bit confused. However:

Birchbox: Stylist Guest Editor October 2015

This is well over-due, October seems like it was ages away, I can not believe next week it's going to Christmas. When the October Birchbox dropped through my door I could have literally pee'd glitter. I got to pick this box so I obviously chose Stylist Guest Editor because of how pretty the box is. Packaging and presentation is everything for me when it comes to products. In Octobers box I received:

TOP 5: Blushers

I have never been a blush girl, if ever asked to choose between bronzer and blush I would hands down pick bronzer every time. Strangely enough I have quite a big blush collection and I'm not quite sure how. Today I thought I would bring you my top five blushes from my collection!