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Designer Inspired Fragrances, Twice the Strength & Over Half the Price

Welcome to my little business venture. FM has become a big part of my life since May 2020, COVID has a lot to answer for. However we're all safe and that's all that matters. Here you can find out about what I do and what FM is...

What is FM?
FM was founded in 2004 in Wroclaw, Poland by Arthur TrawiƄski. The business quickly started to expand globally and first came to the UK in 2006. Now FM is one of the top 10 fragrance and cosmetic suppliers in the world! FM have access to a DROM factory in Germany. It is the same factory that sells fragrances to some of the worlds biggest brands! FM purchase the same, if not very similar fragrance notes from that factory, which means they are ‘inspired’. However, due to copyright laws they cant name their fragrances. Instead they simply number them! Did you know that we are more than just designer inspired perfume/aftershave? I actually sell more than just perfume/aftershave... Makeup, Beauty Accessories, Home Fragrance such as candles, reed diffusers and wardrobe fresheners. We also sell Cleaning products, vitamins and supplements for various things and even coffee and tea! Honestly the range is amazing! 

Why are the so cheap?

Excellent question... FM do not use fancy bottles or packaging! Nor do they spend thousands on celebrity endorsements or advertising. They simply rely on distributors like myself to spread the word. When you buy from a designer brand your not paying for the fragrance. Your paying for the name, the advertisements, the fancy bottle and packaging.

Do they Last?
Short answer? - YES!
I personally prefer my FM fragrances over the designer bottles now as they are so affordable and they last so much longer. I can spray myself first thing in the morning and I can still smell the perfume on my skin the NEXT morning!!
FM actually use a higher perfume oil concentrate than the majority of high street brands, meaning that with Fm you are getting a quality, longer lasting fragrance for a fraction of the price! High Street Eau De Toilette’s contain 4-10% perfume oils. FM add less water and alcohol which means that the FM Fragrances have at least 20% oils making them an Eau De Parfum.

What is the difference in bottles?

I will pop a link in here for my private Facebook group for exclusive discounts, plus the link to my catalogue is on there so you can browse at your own leisure. If you were ever interested in the products or the business or you simple have a question you can email me/Instagram me anytime. My inbox is always open. @LuxeBeautyScent&Co for Instagram. hannahsfmworld@hotmail.com for email.

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