Timeless Truths Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask*

Timeles Truths is a new brand to me, I've only just heard about them and when I was offered to try one of their sheet masks I was excited but a little anxious! I have never used a sheet mask before so this is my first but certainly won't be my last.

Timeless Truth Facial Beauty Masks are an innovative brand that unites experts from world-renowned cosmetic research institutes and cutting edge Bio-Technology, to create the “Ultimate Mask Experience." Taken from The Beauty Mask About Us Page

Current Everyday Make-up March 2015 Edition

I love reading these sorts of posts and I want to throw myself into my blog more, if you see where I'm coming from... I hardly ever used to wear makeup and now it is an essential to my day to day life, that's down to the facial scarring I have but that's a whole other story. I wanted to give you a glance at my everyday makeup because I have now perfected my routine and have a perfect every-day look for myself.