About Me

hannerking is a blog written by Hannah King.

Hannah here, my blog is much more personal to me than I care to admit and I want this blog to be as much about my readers as possible. After all you guys who frequently return to read post after post are the reason I'm still putting my opinion out there for the world to see. hannerking isn't just your average beauty blog. Although you can expect to see product reviews, wishlist, monthly beauty box post and tips.

hannerking has been on the web since March 2014. When I first started my blog it was for me. To help me gain my confidence back. Something I could be proud of. My self-esteem and confidence hit rock bottom in December 2012. I was bitten by a dog on New Years Eve, this left me with severe facial scarring. This was life changing for me. A night in hospital, followed by plastic surgery on my face and a hell of a lot of stitches and I felt uglier than the ugly duckling. Whenever I looked in the mirror all I saw was trauma and scars. Not me, not a person just the scars left by a single tragic moment. My blog has seriously helped my confidence, my self-esteem and best of all taught me that it's okay to have scars, because they make me who I am. It shows you have a past, but shows your strong enough to move on. It's okay to love yourself no matter what you look like. If you don't love yourself, who will?

Fast forward six years to 2020 and although my little blog started in 2014 it doesn’t seem six minutes that ive been writing it let alone six years! I’m currently working as an optical consultant in Boots Opticians and I love doing this alongside my full time job of being a mummy to my beautiful daughter who entered this world on Feb 2018. So you can be sure to read about her at some point.

I try post onto my blog every Friday at least; but mainly post whenever the hell I have time to, who says being an adult is easy huh?!. I'm nearly always active on my social media accounts so if you ever want to contact me your best bet would be to tweet me @hannerking.

Beauty is best served with a smile.