Sanctuary 5min Thermal Detox Mask

We all love a good pamper every now and again, for months I've wanted to try GlamGlow Super Mud but it's soooo expensive it's something I just cant afford right now, so I popped into boots and picked up the Sanctuary 5min Thermal Detox Mask.

My skin is in no way perfect, I'm oily, blemish prone, have trouble with blackheads and no matter how much I wash my face and cleanse I can't seem to fully control the oiliness of my skin. Sanctuary claim that their '5min thermal detox mask' purifies skin as well as rebalancing the skin's oil levels to clarify, cleanse and leave skin feeling silky to touch. The mask works by self-heating while on the face which opens up pores so that the charcoal and kaolin clay can help draw out the impurities from deep within the skin. When I picked this up it sounded like the exact product my skin needed!

The mask heats on instant when in contact with the face which I love personally. It's a thick mask which applies easily. Some masks especially ones that dry out to be peeled off the face I find can pull on the skin when applying but this is just like applying a thick layer of cream onto the skin. As for the scent of the product, personally it's not horrific but it does remind me of the play-doh I played with as a child which is always an odd smell a little like plastic!

As for drawing out impurities I think it works pretty well, I use this twice a week, I always cleanse before and after and my skin feels a lot smoother and looks a lot less congested. I think by the name of the actual product its supposed to be a five minute mask but I tend to leave it on my t-zone section for around 15-20 minutes, depending on what I'm doing at the time. 

I would definitely re-purchase this. I'm always transferring it between my vanity and my going away bag so I'm sure i'll be repurchasing soon enough! It does what it says on the tin and as this only retails for £10.50 I think it's a pretty cheap buy too! A lot less than the GlamGlow mask that's for sure!

What are your favourite masks?


  1. I really like this mask but I'm not keen on the smell of it! It reminded me of play-doh haha x

  2. Yes! That's what I meant Play-Doh!! haha x

  3. I normally do face masks but I love this one. The texture is weird though :) x

  4. I love this mask! But I do agree with Megan, it smells like play-doh :')! Ive just ran out of this too. I do have like 596895 masks to get through luckily. But I would get this again.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  5. I didn't have a problem with the texture tbh even though it is very thick. x

  6. It looks pretty amazing, and the price it's great! I'm definitely going to give it try, I'll let you know how it goes. So glad I found you through Instagram, thanks to Tanya's book! xx

  7. Yes do let me know!
    I loved every page of Tanya's book!! Finished it within the hour on the train!
    Thanks for your lovely comment honey!

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