10 Travel Items That Always Get Forgotton

Packing for your next adventure? Whilst some of us will be on the ball when it comes to writing up a detailed packing checklist, the rest of us are likely to forget something in the midst of the madness. Here are ten items that often get forgotten.

Phone charger

Too many of us decide to give our phone a last minute charge and then leave the charger plugged into the wall. Whilst replacements can often be found, getting to your hotel with an almost dead phone and finding you haven’t packed this bit of kit is always frustrating. Also check that you have charging cables for any other devices such as tablets and laptops.

Travel adaptor

Many foreign countries will use a different plug socket. This could mean getting to your hotel and not being able to charge up any of your devices. Look for a universal adaptor if you’re not sure which socket they use. It can also be worth buying a portable charger, especially if you’re going on a long flight or have a long coach transfer.

Travel document copies

It’s often worth having travel documents handy as proof. These may include printouts of flights, visa confirmations, hotel bookings, travel insurance documents and vehicle insurance documents if you’re planning on driving. Those that want to be extra cautious can even bring a scanned copy of their passport in case they lose it. Put all these in a plastic wallet or file to avoid them getting mislaid.


Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, razors and tampons can be some of the most forgotten items. These aren’t too hard to replace but can be an inconvenience if you get to your destination late and want to shower and brush your teeth. Wipes can also be handy to have for the journey for spillages and sticky hands. Make sure you pack toothpaste, shampoo and razors in your hand luggage as they won’t be allowed through security.

Emergency meds

Whilst there hopefully won’t be any accidents, plasters and bandages can be useful in case someone cuts their foot on some coral or falls over. It’s certainly worth having these if you’ve got accident-prone kids. Medicines for allergies such as antihistamines, inhalers and EpiPens can also get overlooked, which can be disastrous if someone has a reaction. Make sure you’ve got all these necessary items packed.

Comfort meds

These aren’t always necessary, but can make your life a lot more comfortable. Such comfort meds may include Imodium for diarrhoea, travel sickness pills or period delay tablets. Most of these you should be able to pack in your hand luggage, although it’s worth double checking before you set off.


Whilst many people remember to bring sun cream, sunglasses can often get left behind. Even if you’re not going to a sunny location, a pair of shades can be handy for that random day of blue sky. Shades can even come in handy in the snow, as the sun can often reflect off its surface. It’s the reason that many skiiers come back with a suntan!


Yes, none of us want it to rain on our holiday, but just in case it’s always worth packing some waterproof gear. An umbrella may be all you need for that odd shower. If you’re planning a more active holiday, you may want to buy yourself a good raincoat as an umbrella might not be practical. Anoraks and waterproof ponchos can be a great solution if you’re trying to pack light.


These items can also often get forgotten in the midst of the holiday preparation. Borrowing them isn’t always an option, although you can generally find them in shops. Some people may want to bring a hairdryer and hair products too. If you’re strict about your haircare, make sure to make a list of all the items you need.

Corkscrew/bottle opener

You may have decided to bring a nice bottle of wine along to celebrate with once you reach your destination. But wait – no corkscrew! Bottle openers and corkscrews aren’t always the easiest items to find there and then. You may be able to bring a Swiss army knife and combine the two, as well as providing options for other items. These items should obviously not be placed in your hand luggage.

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