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Long time no see for my little old blog. Life definitely got in the way and after merging into Blogger from Wordpress I definitely didn't put the effort in that I should have had. Instagram has been my main activity, which I am not sorry about but also I don't want to neglect my little blog anymore than I have done.
Anyway how have you been? Lets have a virtual catch up!

I have recently joined a new business and I am actually really impressed with how well I am getting on! Thanks to being furloughed I needed something to take my mind off the current COVID situation and also keep my brain active. I had seen plenty of reps on Instagram and one day got invited to a friends secret sale. I managed to get an absolute bargain for Alex, then just thought, this is a free opportunity why am I not giving it a go to make extra cash whilst on furlough, especially since next year ill be on maternity leave and a reduced wage. This could really help me. Then it all started from there!

Here's little old me with my first ever FM Perfume 444. 

This has to be one of my faves! & I would say much better than the designer version it is inspired by! I got to admit at first I thought it was all good to be true and it honestly is exactly what it seems. Designer inspired perfumes at an affordable price, no fancy packaging however the FM packaging to me is stunning, simple yet effective. FM relies on business partners like me to spread the word about their fabulous fragrances. 444 is the first of many, I also have 414, 366, 489, 171 and even Alex has his own little collection starting including 823 (smells incredible) and 473. 

Now I know what the average blogger thinks... its a scam, waste of time etc etc… I was once one of those that thought that, if anyone followed me on Instagram I would roll my eyes. Now I'm part of the business my views have obviously changed for the better. Just like a successful blogger wants you to support them in their journey of being a freelance blogger or influencer, why don't we support small business' the same? I now do, some of my friends work for The body shop at home and some do other things. I always give 2 minutes of my day to like their posts, or comment something... you don't always have to buy from those people to support them. 

I have hit 3 promotions with FM in 40 days! last month I earnt 6% commission on the points I had gathered that month! That was my first month too! I love where my little business is taking me... I even earnt enough to pay off half of our new shark hoover that we had to order at the beginning of last month due to our other one going kaput. 

Anyway there is a little about me and my new adventure, remember to be kind to those you see on social media, they are just trying to make a better life for their little family. 

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