3 Romantic Holiday Destinations in Europe

Valentine’s day has been and gone. Whether you like it or not, you always soak in some of the amorous air that comes with the holiday. This year, it got me thinking about romantic getaways, and all the wonderful sights that are out there. I’m sure you’ll agree that the most romantic continent is Europe, with its wonderful variation of nature and gorgeous cities. Here are some of the most romantic holiday destinations in Europe.

Image from Pixabay

You knew I was going to start it off with Paris, right? This is a city so famous for its romance, that it may seem like a bit of a cop out. Still, I’m sure that reputation didn’t just come out of nowhere! This is one city where you can have romantic, candle-lit dinners every night, and never get tired of the delectable food. A lovely gift at the top of the Eiffel Tower is something which will always instigate a long kiss, no matter how many people you hear tutting. The traffic can be a nightmare in places, but that doesn’t make riding a scooter together any less romantic. There’s a quirky, although undeniably fitting, work of art you’d have to see on your trip. The Wall of Love in Place des Abbesses has the words “I love you” imprinted in every language in the world!

Cities are intriguing, especially if they’re part of a culture you’ve never experienced. But what if you and your partner want to steer clear of all the noise and crowds? I’d recommend a skiing trip in the Swiss alps. Even if you’re a complete novice at skiing, the alps are one of the most romantic places on earth. Spend the day tearing down the slopes or giggling and tumbling over. After that, the beautiful sheets of snow will give you a great excuse to spend the rest of the day snuggled up. When you see what some luxury Swiss hotels have to offer, you may not want to leave!

I bet the next place you’re guessing is either Rome or Venice. These are some truly beautiful cities, true. However, there’s another Italian spot which will wow your lover even more. Palermo is known locally as the capital of Sicily. While fairly developed, large areas of the city still retain a rustic, distinctly Sicilian charm. I’d resist whistling the theme song to The Godfather; the locals are pretty sick of it I’d imagine. The whole of Palermo breathes romance and historical intrigue, so get your fill! Wander around the Vucciria and BallarĂ² markets to sample some of the best food in Europe. Look around Monreale, and take in the staggering beauty of the religious architecture and iconography. If the heat isn’t too much for you, then you can always take a leaf from the local’s book. Drive into the nearby hills, and have a romantic picnic soaking in the gorgeous scenery.

Wherever you take your lover, I’m sure your company will make the whole thing magical! No matter how crazy you are for each other, remember to get out of the hotel room at least once!


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