Nailed London by Rosie Fortescue*

Are you a fan of Made in Chelsea? If you are then I bring you a treat today! Made in Chelsea's star Rosie Fortescue has launched one of the hottest nail ranges this year and the range comes in a massive 28 shades. I'm a lover of nail polish, I've always got a colour on my fingers whether it be a plain nude or out there bright!

I've recently had the chance to review a few products from the Nailed London range and I am in love to say the least! The products I go to review are as follows: Nailed London Base Coat*, Nailed London in Noodle Nude* and Nailed London in Thigh High Club*.

What makes Nailed London so different to any other nail polish launch? Nailed London is all about having that professional gel polish without it having to be UV-Cured but keeping the salon quality! The range of Nailed London consists of 28 catwalk inspired shades, 1 base coat, 4 glitter effect polishes and 1 glossy topcoat all of which are developed to closely match the look, feel, wear and gloss of a professional gel polish which lasts 2-3 days longer than other gelled products.

Nailed London Base Coat* - This is one of the best base coats I have ever used. It actually keeps polish on for longer and nails looking like they are freshly polished for longer. I have actually given away all my other base coats just because I love this one so much!

Nailed London in Noodle Nude* - This is my favourite shade out of the two I received. This is the ultimate nude for me, sort of grey sort of beige I absolutely love it! It's very on trend at the moment. It's so easy to wear and such a lovely shade.

Nailed London in Thigh High Club* - This is the most festive shade, the bold and the fierce! I love this colour! I'm a big fan of deep red's anyway but this is absolutely gorgeous! I cant wait to start properly wearing it in this Christmas period!

Overall the formula of these Nail Polish is absolutely brilliant! I love how long lasting they are and wearing this nail polish has actually made my nails stronger. I don't know if this was meant to happen but I am very pleased with it. I used to have such brittle nails which would tear away and constantly chip and they haven't done this since wearing these polishes. I am definitely going to be adding more to my collection and if you haven't discovered these yet you definitely should get yourself online! I am not kidding the range of shades in this collection is unreal! Literally a shade for every event! I've got my eye on Prawn Star, Rosie's Cheeks and Fashionista! I don't have anything like these shade's in my collection at the moment; and more often than not I'm always looking for a colour like this!

These wonderful polishes are available at The Beauty Store did I mention they are extremely affordable? RRP £7.00 each for the polishes mentioned above.

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