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Hello my lovlies,

So today I'm taking over the wonderful Hannah's blog. She asked for guest poster's while she's away, the lucky bugger and I couldn't think of anything to write. I wanted to help her out but my head was out of content...Until I remembered I received this palette at the meet up herself, Emma and Frankie planned so what better way to write a review than write it on Hannah's blog. We all know Makeup Revolution by now don't we, and I was so excited to receive this little thing and I'm totally in love with the colours!?

Titled as the PRO LOOKS - 3 LOOKS IN 1, I find it perfect, working well as 3 separate looks and even working well together as one combination. In total you have 15 shades, 9 shimmers and 6 mattes. With this palette I totally adore the fact the shades are named, I also love the slightly dirty names they've used too, oo cheeky hehe.

I was inspired to create this eyeshadow look and share with you all, So here's the shades I used:
I started on the base of my lid with 'STRIP ME',  then going over that with 'DIGNITY' to get a highlight and colour. I also used 'LET LOOSE' and 'WHIPPED' as two contrasting colours for the inner corners and more highlight. For the final touches I used both 'NAKED NIGHTS' and 'SUPER COOL' for the crease and to develop my favourite smokey look. I then did a thicker look on the lower lash line, with my pencil liner and a little 'NAKED NIGHTS' for that little extra colour.

Overall I'm impressed with the look I created but I'm not completely in love just yet. It took a little experimenting and I'm hoping the next time I use this palette I'll create something a little better. The shimmer in particular has such a thick colour to them however, some quickly lost pigmentation once I began to blend, which is a little disappointing when wanting a main shade.

Which would you recommend for my next eyeshadow palette?

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