Magnitone Lucid 7 Day Challenge

You guessed it! I splashed out on a cleansing brush, my skin has been awful lately, really dull and nothing worth looking at. The Magnitone Pulsar designed by Pixie Lott herself arrived on my doorstep within two days of me putting my order through which was really fast delivery and I started my 7 Day Challenge.

Magnitone claim that you will have 'softer, clearer and brighter skin
in just 7 days'. Day one I was a little hesitant if im totally honest, I was worried about it being harsh on my skin and after my have a sudden breakout I didn't want to make it worse.

There are two settings on the brush which the first one is more of a deep cleansing mode and the second mode is more of a gentle cleanse. The first day of using it I used it on the gentle cleanse setting to get used to the brush paired with Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser! One of the functions I love on the brush is that it times you when your using it. It's recommended to use for one minute. The cleansing brush will then beep every 20 seconds which makes you aware you need to start on a different part of the face. I used it for 20 seconds on my fore head, 10 seconds for each cheek and 20 seconds for my chin and nose area and it is plenty for me. I have used this every day and night since getting it which was about a month ago now and I haven't had to re-charge it yet! I think that's pretty impressive!

I was immediately in love with this cleansing brush! It was in no way harsh on the skin. It felt so nice gliding over my face and felt as though it was really cleaning my pores out. I tend to use the cleansing brush on the deep cleanse mode on a night time before bed to rid my face from all the dirt from the day and all the makeup too!

Overall I love this brush, after seven days I was so happy with the look of my skin, it was brighter, it was clearer and it was softer. I use this now every morning and night followed by my serozinc and moisturiser as well as my new eye cream which I will be revealing to you all in a few weeks! I have noticed a massive difference in my skin regarding how my makeup sits too! I look more flawless and have less of an uneven texture to my skin. My skin isn't perfect but it's well on it's way to being as good as I'd like it to be.

I am so glad I invested in a cleansing brush it's honestly changed my skincare completely and that's a great thing for me. One thing I was really concerned about when I bought this was that the deep cleanse mode on the cleansing brush would be too harsh for my facial scarring. I was so worried that it would irritate my scars and make them sore and red. Luckily I have had no such experience and it's made the skin around my scars a lot easier to manage.

Have you got a cleansing brush? What's your verdict?

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