Book Review: Model For Murder*

Do I have a treat for you today? I sure do!

For the last few weeks I have been engrossed in this E-book... Model for Murder*. I literally couldn't put this book down I was gripped to every last word on each page.  
D S Nelson is the writer of this fantastic book. Her choice of words within the book have really amazed me and I love her style of writing. She drew me into the book from the first few pages and couldn't put it down from then on. I was reading this book at every possibly moment I got.

In the first few places the the scene is set and we are introduced to the main characters. The book is set in a little town of Tuesbury. Its one of those places where everyone knows everyone and they all know each others business too. Throughout the book there is no obvious killer at all. Which makes you want to turn over the next page and find out what else is going on. This book is extremely well written which allows the reader to visualise each character and scene.

I loved the book so much I was gutted that I had finished it. With this being the third book in a series and I have not yet read the first two but I will be sure to read the other two now! I have never enjoyed a book so much in all my life and I have read a vast amount of books in my eighteen years of being able to read! I was so surprised by the ending, everything falls into its place within the book. It's an amazing book.

I could not recommend this book enough! If you love a good mystery this book is definitely the book for you!

Have you read any good mystery books? I'd love anothe mystery book to get my head into!

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